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WWR Placement, LLC is a nationwide rebar installer (rodbuster), installing and designing engineered welded wire reinforcement and conventional reinforcement.

WWR Placement, LLC has been in business for over twenty years, successfully installing thousands of tons of concrete reinforcement and building new relationships as we continually grow.

WWR Placement, LLC consists of the highest quality employees installing reinforcement in various applications - from heavy civil/industrial projects to smaller commercial projects.


We believe in the utmost quality of workmanship and strive to excellence in conjunction with meeting pour schedules.

WWR Placement, LLC has great success working with large nationwide contractors as well as small local contractors.

WWR Placement, LLC also shop or field fabricates rebar, details reinforcement shop drawings and provides bending services for structural welded wire reinforcement.

WWR Placement, LLC converts conventional rebar to Structural Wire Mesh or Engineered Welded Wire Reinforcement (EWWR) creating tremendous labor savings. Engineered Welded Wire Reinforcement is custom designed and fabricated per project allowing the Welded Reinforcement to fit your pour areas.

We are committed to satisfying our customers and creating long lasting relationships that will help build your company and WWR Placement.

WWR Placement, LLC has sustained relationships with several nationwide contractors performing work nationwide relieving the burden of locating a successful rebar ironworker.



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